240P Component/SCART/S-Video/Composite/VGA adapter

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    Love the idea behind the PolyMega, but not all of us want to play on LCD/LED screens.  If there was maybe a way you could incorporate a omponent/SCART/S-Video/Composite/VGA adapter that would let us play the PolyMega on our beloved CRT’s, I think you would basically corner the market.

    If you’re not sure, contact Mike Chi from the RetroTINK project ( http://www.retrotink.com/ ), I bought his RetroTINK-S adapter for my Raspberry Pi 3 that lets me run my emulated games in glorious 240p on my SONY Trinitron tv (via component).

    PolyMega with HDMI, and have a separate adapter that let people use their Polymega on their beautiful CRT’s, would be the ultimate.


    Thanks for reading!  I hope you consider it, as theirs no comparison of Retrogaming on a CRT vs LCD.






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    Cody W

    I totally agree. I believe they have to include the resolution specs. Maybe include supported native resolutions for each unique game system.

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