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    A healthy Atari homebrew community exists releasing games on cartridge; the vast majority of which far exceed the cartridge ROM sizes of the old official releases. Will the Atari module (2600, 7800) support these? What are the chances of POKEY chip emulation being on-board the 7800 module?

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    How about the Atari 5200 and 400/800 xl??

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    Anything that works on a real Atari 2600 system will work on the Atari Module, even if it’s a homebrew game that has expanded memory capabilities. This is one of the advantages of Hybrid Emulation.

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    A few questions:

    People release test roms all the time and one’s that never make it to a physical cart. It sounds like I would physically have to plug in the cart and let it download. (I would assume it would take longer to initialize the transfer than the actual transfer).

    Also I own a Starpath (Arcadia) Supercharger.  – Link –  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Starpath_Supercharger

    To save my tapes (and My Stella got a new brain CD) -Link – https://archive.org/details/Stella_Gets_A_New_Brain I do use the Stella Emulator.  (I happen to have an original not the downloaded ISO).

    Even the Fixed  ET bin file is awesome –  link-  http://www.neocomputer.org/projects/et/

    For the Atari module(s) in particular, would you consider adding the ability to copy our own files? Or a link to download a ton of homebrew? I’m sure the fine folks over at atari age will assist in getting the OK’s from authors.

    Will the module have the Switches? Skill A/B Color/BW etc.

    I’m excited about the possibilities of this console.


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    I would assume the Harmony Cart will work and that would be easier and cheaper than adding a rom function to the module. Just a thought. Also when you get into rom discussions it won’t be long before someone asks for it to just have an SD slot and skip all the modules.



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    Adam Shaw

    This is precisely why I’m holding out for an Atari module on the Polymega instead of getting the Hyperkin Retron 77.  The Retron will not be able to play my homebrews and the Polymega will.  I hope this is true.  I wish Polymega every success and really hope an Atari module is forthcoming.

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