Any updated date on more news being released?

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    So I agree with many about delays on products as long as the end result is a better product. I’m not here to ask for a specific release date and I’m ok with delays. However I do think we need some more news. I am extremely interested in Polymega but we have been starved for news. It’s gotten to the point that I’m tempted to just get a RetroUSB AVS and an Analogue Super NT for my HDMI gaming needs. It’s also possible that Analogue is working on an HDMI FPGA Genesis/Megadrive though that’s all speculation on my part based on a tweet. I need more info on how Polymega will work and what quality the emulation will be to see if its worth holding out for. I know we were promised more info a few months back but still nothing. Hopefully someone can give us something soon. I’d love for this to succeed!

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    As mentioned in the E3 thread, we should have some news coming up around that time. Thanks!

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    It’s funny when folks are asking for updates on updates.

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