Built-in Zapper Game Patches

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    If a young Polymega owner who’s had their eyes opened to the fun of retro games brings home Duck Hunt or Yoshi’s Safari, it would be a shame if they were only greeted by a notice that says the game is unplayable. I wonder if Polymega could eventually offer a built-in solution for affected games?

    Knowing all the games for the supported systems that require zappers, super scopes, etc., maybe Polymega could have built-in patches that upon detecting those games, tells the player that zappers are not supported, however you can use your controller to aim and shoot. Maybe the d-pad/joystick sensitivity could be a little higher in those games to better aim quickly. Or how about supporting a mouse to simulate it?

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    They said on the RPGSite interview (https://www.rpgsite.net/interview/7350-polymega-interview-how-this-modular-console-may-change-the-way-we-enjoy-retro-gaming) the following:

    in order to make that work, we would need to introduce additional hardware peripherals and we haven’t been focused on that. But it’s not an unsolvable problem, it’s just one that we haven’t had time to work on ourselves.

    So maybe it’s a problem they’ll try solve in the future with additional hardware? I guess it all depends on the success of the console itself before them deciding to dedicate time to develop a possible solution. Although I’m sure they’ll focus on getting the main console and the announced modules to work 100% first, before doing anything else. It’d be amazing if they develop a a way to play zapper games in the future, though!

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