Can Polymega backup Lock-On &Knuckles games?

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    I’m talking about Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sonic 2 & Knuckles, and the Blue Sphere thing you get from Sonic 1 being plugged in. ¬†I know they’ll work if you just run the cartridges themselves, but will we be able to back these lock-on combo games to the system? ¬†Hearing that you wouldn’t be able to back up stuff like Super Game Boy games makes me wonder, especially given how historically it’s been kind of a pain to get these to run on some retroclones.


    My guess is that they can’t back up Super Game Boy games because they aren’t “dumping” but rather reading the cartridge directly. If so, that explains why they claim to support every game. If that is true, I wonder how save states and other stuff like that is going to work.


    The backup function would still be dumping, as there is no other way to get a copy of the game. My guess is it might be able to? I do not know 100% how it works. And if dumping of it does, then gamegenie moded games might be able to be dumped to. I assume they both work the same? If your able to Dump it with a PC rom dumper then I would assume the PolyMega would be able to do it? The reason the Super GameBoy does not work is because the SGB is a GameBoy on a cartridge that sends video and controller data to the base unit.

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    Well, this might not be ideal.. BUT.. an alternative could be to get a reproduction cartridge of Sonic 3 & Knuckles. It would have the full game but without the lock-on. There’s even a really good one called “Sonic 3 Complete” which has a very robust options menu for customizing how the game gets played.

    Not sure if repro carts will be playable on the Polymega, and I know a lot of people have a stance against using them but it’s possibly an option, at any rate.

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    Hopefully it plays repro carts too..


    They have said it will play anything that can be played on the original consoles. It can even run everdrive carts, but you cannot dump games from them.


    I would love it to be able to dump Sonic + Knuckles for Sonic 2&3; but I don’t know about that yet.

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