CD cards & regional comparability & other Q's

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    1) Regardless of the module bought, are all modules regions free or are we expected to


    2) If I buy the TurboGrafx module and the CD module, will I still need to use the CD cards or is that support already built in?


    3) Will the TurboGrafx module have support for the 5-port adapter?


    4) Will the TurboGrafx module support SuperGrafx and CoreGrafx 1&2 games?


    5) Will loading from CD games (any module) be faster than the original or the same?


    Thanks, looking forward to it ūüôā

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    I believe I read in another forum they won’t be using any original ¬†bios software nor will users be required to have any boot cartridges etc.


    also you mentioned “Coregrafx” games? I assume you just mean PC Engine games?


    But seeing all the content they posted so far, it sounds like this thing will support every sub-format of the PCE/TG family of consoles

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    In this forum post, if you scroll down about half way, Retroblox states that¬†optical disc systems play without an attached module. ¬†You can run PC-Engine CD, Super-CD, and Arcade CD (and TG-16 CD as well) without the firmware card or even the NEC module. ¬†In the big “Details” news post here, it clearly states that not only will the aforementioned CD consoles be supported in entirety, but also that PC-Engine, TG-16, and SuperGrafx cards are also fully supported with a module. ¬†Core Grafx is the same as a PC-Engine only the video output was changed from RF to an A/V port and the casing/color was changed, so in essence there are no “Core Grafx” games. ¬†That answers questions 1, 2, and 4. ¬†Since it’s using FPGA along with emulation, I’m betting you can expect the games to run at the same speed as they do on the actual systems, which especially for the PC-Engine CD isn’t long for a majority of games. ¬†Load times weren’t really bad until the later streaming titles on the Sega/Mega-CD and then of course the PS1. ¬†This just leaves the 5 ports question, which Retroblox has already said that NES and SNES will only have 2 ports so I’m betting you’ll get 1, perhaps 2 controller ports tops but I guess we’ll see.

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    Arnold Chin

    I never had a chance to get a TurboGrafx or TG-CD, but it sounds like it was a lot more complicated than I thought for its original setup! Am still looking forward to being able to find some of those games (a few local retro stores) and catch up on what I’d heard was a great platform.

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