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    Time to nudge the Colecovision subject again.


    I got my Coleco at launch having pre-ordered it. Even after they pulled out of the UK, I kept going with grey imported US cartridges which worked fine. Sadly I had to sell when I moved onto a Sega Master System, although those Master System carts and everything else since are up in the loft waiting to use. I might pull the old Megadrive down for now, see if it still works.

    I’m as keen about the PolyMega as I was when I looking at a little picture of a Coleco in a magazine in the weeks before it arrived. Magical.

    Who else out there wants a Coleco Element Module as much as me ?

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    In in for Colecovision Intellivision module my self al buy that up fast


    It seems to me like they could create a Colecovision module easily given the other systems that they already support. If they support Sega Genesis, then it isn’t too much of a stretch to support Sega Master System, especially since the Sega Genesis reads Sega Master System cartridges directly once the power base converter physically remaps the pins. If you have Sega Master system support, then you have a z80 and glorified TMS9918. If you have a z80 and a glorified TMS9918, then you have a strong basis for Colecovision which was a z80 and a TMS9918. If you have a Colecovision, now you have a Sega SG-1000 and an MSX.

    This would cost a lot to make however if no one bought the modules.

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    J Gall

    I would definitely like a Colecovision module.. and any other modules the Polymega team can whip up.

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