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    It’s probably a long shot, but is there a possibility of having an option to turn on the original console startups when we start a game from their respective consoles? It’s not something we see nowadays, and I could see how in the modern sense it could be seen as a hindrance and a chore to sit through. However, I think there’s something very nostalgic that feels eventful  when putting something new into consoles like the PS1, the Gameboy, or the Sega CD and Dreamcast, etc. not that every console had one.


    I wouldn’t mind seeing that but it would definitely have to have an option to turn it off for those who wouldn’t want to sit through it every single time.


    what does that mean?


    Referring to how when the old consoles started up a Game, they’d flash the console’s logo and a jingle.


    Ex: Gameboy Advance would have the logo fall in or hiw the Gamecube would have it’s logo roll in.

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    Joe Clark

    Aren’t the Sega logo boot screens built into the carts? ever play Spiderman 32x? that is one of the best boot screens ever! (its interactive) I also love Star Trek: The Next Generation Sega Genesis boot screen.


    don’t a lot of boot logos require a bios? didn’t seedi get in trouble for the same thing, requiring bios files? One of the polymega videos that I saw showed a custom bios for neo geo cd. This is probably their way of legally loading cd games without requiring illegal bios downloads. If so, that suggests that you won’t see boot logos any of the systems. This is all just guesswork on my part tho.

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    Like I said, it’s not something I expect by any means, especially if there’s an issue with legality and possible tedium for some. But it definitely would be a cool addition to be able to turn on and off. It would actually be pretty cool to have them do a custom bios if that was the case as well for all the different systems supported.


    From an interview on Nintendo Life Feb 17

    Do you have any concerns when it comes to legal challenges from the original hardware manufacturers, especially when it comes to stuff like BIOS distribution for PlayStation titles?

    We won’t be shipping any of the BIOS files that contain copyrighted code on Polymega, though there’s a chance we might license some of them for nostalgia purposes as they are quite iconic. It works straight out of the box for all of the supported CD systems.”

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    J Gall

    I think any startup screens not included as part of a game’s natural startup should not be included. Including BIOS-style startup screens would probably open Polymega up to trademark and/or copyright issues with Sega v. Accolade ( ) as precedent, when code required to start games on newer Genesis consoles was reverse-engineered.

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