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    Mr. Bob

    Personal favorite was the 5200 and we still enjoy pulling out the old cartridges for a fun retro game day. Interested to see how you consider addressing the various unique controllers. Love the controllers until the buttons contacts start failing. Cleaning is time consuming but no other controller feels right. A unit supporting original hardware is attractive.

    Anxious to see how this develops.

    Maybe even seeing it extend into other areas, Tandy Color Computer, Commodore 64 and other early units that supported games not found on other systems.

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    Now we know that custom controllers come with the element modules. The AtariboxVCS joystick looks cool but a combined joystick and paddle would be cool. Heres hoping…..


    The main reason I want a 2600 module is to play kaboom and the two breakout games, I’m really holping for a good paddle replacement.

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    J Gall

    The original Retrobox info had a 2600 module.  Seeing the retro controllers for the Element Modules, I’m wondering if they’re going to do 2-button joysticks, paddles, and keyboard controllers for a 2600/7800 module.

    A 5200 module would be wonderful, especially with remade controllers that actually center and don’t break down every 5 minutes.

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    My Atari 2600 paddles have had a loose wire for decades so it would be nice to see a good quality paddle controller.

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    J Gall

    You can find paddles at some used game stores, thrift shops, and eBay.  Or you could open them up and try to fix them if you’re handy with a soldering iron.  I’ve even seen someplace with replacement potentiometers for when your paddles develop “jitter’.

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