Disc systems region free?

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    Based on what has been said about the various cartridge elements that have been announced, I assume that the disc-based systems like PS1 will also be region-free, but I haven’t seen anything about this explicitly. Any word on whether I’ll be able to play my Japanese PS1 games on the retroblox?

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    Yep, they mentioned all regions will work on it for PS1


    Region-free ok,
    But does it mean that the system will be able to read games that include security that checks the console chip before lauching ?
    Like Metal Gear Solid Integrale,  BioHazard 3 : Last Escape or Seiken Densetsu: Legend of Mana ?


    I own those games and i know that if you try to run them in a modified console,
    This screen will appears > http://sound.jp/art/cg/end.gif

    Same result if you tried to run them with an Action-Replay or an emulator like Xebra.

    So if it’s really region-free, it will be insterresting to know if all games are really playable or not.

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