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    Like the Saturn, another worry for collectors. That rather noisy drive and tales of failure. There are solid state solutions popping up but availability is patchy. Is Dreamcast part of the plan?

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    Max Oliver

    I would love Dreamcast in the mix!

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    Steve Dubois

    If you can nail dreamcast and Saturn this will be a must buy. I ahead both systems and they are both failing as we speak

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    We’re big fans as well!

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    J Gall

    For some reason, seeing them post in here gives me¬† hope for the future. ūüėČ

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    Arnold Chin

    Yup, cast my vote in the hat for Dreamcast module, too!


    My gosh, found out about this system purely by chance. I would go out of my mind with excitement if sega saturn and sega dreamcast were supported.


    I never got the joy of Dreamcast or Saturn in my childhood. I would love to see either or both.


    Yes please on both Saturn and Dreamcast support!¬† ¬†With what your vision is now and what’s already been announced, this machine will be incredible if you’re able to deliver and the game-play experience is up to par.¬† I think it’s great that you’re taking your time with the system to work out the kinks, and deliver what looks to be a first of it’s kind retro gamer’s paradise. I’m telling my friends about it and everyone is pretty excited for the Polymega!

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    Dave Fobrogo

    Putting my vote in for the Dreamcast!¬†Extra kudos if you can you get it to play region free. BTW, has anyone¬†complimented you on how slick the Retroblox unit¬†looks? I would¬†be proud to have this thing sitting under my TV. It’s an absolute thing of beauty!

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    Lee Hibbs

    Please support Saturn/Dreamcast I wouldn’t mind paying a little extra for those modules if¬† you’ve got to get a license from Sega. Also it looks like Sega are open to co-operating with other people, see the new retro-bit official Megadrive, Saturn and Dreamcast wireless controllers. Polymega compatibility would be good for these items too, good for everybody.


    Putting my vote in for the Saturn and Dreamcast , love them both , would be hard to imagine a retro console of this magnitude without them. They are a must have addition! make it happen guys ūüôā


    It’ll be definitely great for the Dreamcast to be added into the list of platforms currently supported by Polymega. Unfortunately, the Dreamcast still has its patents in effect right now in case anyone hasn’t noticed yet. Read this:


    Luckily, given the filing date of Nov. 2, 1998 and the fact that patents filed after 1995 would expire 20 years after the filing date or the earliest application date, the patents will expire this November and we are already past 20 years after the priority date of May 14, 1998.

    After Nov. 2, then the plan of adding the Dreamcast may come closer to reality.


    Well, it looks like I could’ve been digging deeper in regards to the Dreamcast patent. I just had access to the document with information about the patent in a PDF file on Google Patents and the file showed a term of 14 years from the date that the patent was granted which was back in August 1999, indicating that from this context, the patent may have expired a couple of years ago and Google Patents showed its status as Expired-Lifetime. I would say, though, that it’ll be safe to possibly confirm support for the Dreamcast at the end of this year. Hopefully, everything else is going fine as planned.

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