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    J Gall

    I’d say they should go for this as soon as they have the time and resources for it.  The more modern the console emulated, the more the system becomes a compelling purchase, which in turn will provide the resources for older and obscure systems.  Given that the CD-only systems won’t necessitate a full-on module/controller set, the only issue would be some way to interface or fully emulate the VMU.  You really couldn’t fully emulate the Dreamcast without somehow also emulating the VMU since many games strongly tie in with it.


    I agree. Upon Polymega’s participation in the E3, we can ask Polymega how possible it’d be for them to emulate the VMU so that adding the Dreamcast becomes more of a possibility.


    The Polymega is already a must buy for me. Add Dreamcast? Saturn? The Saturn is my bigger priority but DC would be even more icing on a caked overflowing with icing!

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    Dave Fobrogo

    Sounds like things are looking positive for Dreamcast compatibility! May have to flesh out my collection in preparation.

    Assuming the DC compatibility is a given, can it be region-free?

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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