Eject Buttons?

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    Will there be eject buttons for NES/SNES/Genesis games? I have had a RetroN 2 in the past and one of the biggest flaws is that there is no eject button for the NES – from what I can tell, none of the clone consoles have an eject button for NES or Genesis games – and as a result I accidentally destroyed the first NES game I played while removing it from the console. I know there’s a “proper way” to remove those games as per the Hyperkin facebook page, but that’s ridiculous, it shouldn’t be necessary to have a work around just because they were thoughtless when designing the hardware (also I followed their method and it still didn’t help – so long Double Dragon II, I hardly knew ye).

    Some of these retro games are $100+ so I wouldn’t be willing to take the chance unless I knew it was safe for my games, because for me personally it’s all about the NES/SNES/Genesis and those are the ones where the price of games are getting particularly high so I would hate to lose a game like the original Metroid or Zelda.


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    We’ve seen failures to vet this critical aspect of retro systems as a flaw in other products on the market.  While there isn’t a cartridge eject button designed into the module itself, we have meticulously re-created the edge connectors (the point of contact where the cartridge is inserted to the module) with our manufacturing partners to reach the correct amount of “grip” that was present on the original systems, ensuring a snug fit, easy withdrawal, and a clean electrical connection.  This way you don’t need to fear damaging your cartridges while using them with Polymega.

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    JR Carclay

    I strongly agree with the polymega team with this,eject buttons were never that great failing to work properly most of the time and or flimsy in design. If the connectors are designed better and they found a niche for a certain design then that would be a blessing for classic carts everywhere.

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