Element Module Footage From E3

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    Some cool footage that was posted on twitter showing Polymega TG-16 / PC Engine Element Module in action.

    Two players with what looks to be two classic controllers connected directly to the Element Module.

    I want to play!


    I got to see Polymega in action at E3 this year and it was surreal to see the real thing after more than a year of following it. The hardware looks so sleek and professional in person. I’m excited about it because it looks like something you would buy at Best Buy unlike Retron 5 which looks super ugly.

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    The module slides and clicks in a lot more smoothly than I was expecting! It’s cool to finally see it in action. It’s also smaller than I was picturing. It would be nice to see how big it is compared to a recognizable system like the SNES.

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    There are a few pics around showing  CD half way into the base unit so its possible to judge its size from that. I reckon mine will sit very sweetly next to my compact bluray.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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