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    I haven’t heard if famicom carts will work? If not, will it be supported later?

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    No official announcements to make here yet, but you can bet we have a dedicated Famicom module with FDS support (via the plug-in adapter) on our radar for post-launch release.

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    Joe Clark

    Are you saying that with the Famicom module connected to the base, I can  set the base on top of my FDS and plug the FDS RAM cart into the Famicom module to play my FDS games!?

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    This would be amazing to get FDS support, even if it is separated from the Polymega module!  However, it would be ideal to get FC carts supported via the NES module so you can at least play both systems in the same unit, like SNES and SFC carts 🙂


    It would be nice to have a built in FDS reader but I think there are two problems. Space and reliability. If it were up to me I would never put an old belt driven device in my hardware. That’s just asking for all sorts warranty work. They would probably have to bloat out the module to fit the drive too so you end up with an ugly system. I think being able to plug in your FDS directly is already a great feature and yet another reason why I’m getting Polymega day one.


    I would assume you could still play Famicom games on the NES modual with a Famicom to NES adapter. Like on a real NES?

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    I would assume this as well, but with the SNES/SFC module supporting both without a converter (or removing the tabs), then I would hope they would make the NES module also support FC without any additional needs beyond the module itself.  This is two-fold with my hopes to have an external (or possibly module specific) adapter to support FCDS games.

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    It would be really nice to have a built in FDS reader!

    bullet force

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    J Gall

    The way they worded it, it sounds like it supports original FDS hardware, not a built-in reader. So you still have to track one down and deal with the parts that wear down.

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    I think they should forget about the FDS altogether. It’s not worth the time and effort, not by a long shot. How many people outside of Japan do you think even care about playing FDS games? Many of the people who will be buying this thing aren’t even going to know that the FDS even exists. But what makes this even more of a waste of development time is the fact that many of the big name FDS titles were eventually released on cartridges anyway. They should definitely have Famicom support though, and it should be part of the NES module. However, although they could have one slot for NES games and another slot for Famicom games, an easier way would be to just include a Famicom adapter with the module. No need for an additional slot.


    There are a lot of Famicom collectors (including myself). FDS is alive and well in the Famicom collector community. The diskettes were well made so all of my games still work. Not only do I care about the FDS, but I hope Polymega supports the extra sound chips that were exclusive to Famicom games. You haven’t heard Castlevania music until you’ve played Castlevania 3 (Akumajou Densetsu) the way it was meant to sound on the VRC6 chip.

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    Joe Clark

    I absolutely love my famicom & disk system and love the higher quality sounds and music.

    I just cant stand the waterfalls in doki doki panic, they hurt my eyes and brain.


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