Few sega genesis module questions.

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    First I’ve seen that this module will have 32x support. Does this mean 32x carts will plug into it, or do I still need my 32x adapter from my Genesis?

    Next is there a plan for any kind of gun support? I know light guns wont work the normal way on modern TVs.  Is it possible to have a tracking attachment to clip on light guns or a universal usb gun?


    Finally will the Genesis mod support the power base adapters that have game gear also, or just original power base converter?

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    @wntermute indicated in the Post-Launch Modules post that the Genesis module supports Genesis cartridges, Mega Drive cartridges, 32X cartridges, Power Base Converter (likely same restrictions as Super GameBoy), and original controller support for built-in SegaCD/MegaCD/32X CD. Based on that, you won’t need a 32X plugged into the top to play 32X games.

    @admin said that Playmaji is looking to support light gun games on HDTVs in a universally-compatible way.

    As for Game Gear adapter support, the overarching principle is if it works in an original system, it would work, but the game won’t save (like Super GameBoy on the SNES module).

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    Glad to see someone read the post.

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