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    I’m hoping one day support for the Game Gear will be added to the retroblox. The game gear is essentially a portable Master System, just with the ability to have more colors on screen at once. It would be great to play Game Gear games on your tv without the need to mod a Master System. 😛


    I think this seems like a pretty likely inclusion, and given that my Gamegear itself has started encountering hardware issues (and isn’t really used as a portable system, given it’s size and battery life…) it’d be a must-have for me.

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    Given that my Game Gear died and is now a collectible brick, I’d very much like to see Game Gear support. I wonder if it would be better if Polymega released a Super Game Boy-like adapter cartridge for the MD/GEN/32X module rather than an entire module just for Game Gear. Everyone would likely use the Genesis controller anyway.

    Two of their competitors have released adapters that can play GG among other systems, but I bet Polymega could make a really slick one like the Super Game Boy just for GG.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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