Gameboy/Color/Advance Module?

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    I know that we can use the Super Gameboy to play (but not backup) original GB games on Polymega, but GBC-only and GBA games still have no real option for the Polymega.


    Is a combined module for these 3 handhelds something we should expect in the future?  Or would the GBA be separated from the GB/GBC?


    Additionally, should we expect handheld system modules in general, for things like the Gamegear and Neo Geo Pocket Color?  Or is the focus just on home consoles?

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    Joe Clark

    I believe they stated you can only play them on the Super NES module with the Super Gameboy.

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    Joe Clark

    It would be nice if someone made a Gameboy advance player for Super NES or something like it, that would play gameboy as well.



    There is a GBA adapter for the Super Nintendo from Retro Bit




    That’s not a real adapter, it just uses the SNES controllers and power supply.  It has a separate video out, and it’s emulation quality is questionable at best.


    There’s a few adapters like that, and they’re all very low quality, misleading products.


    Unfortunately that’s the best you’re gonna get


    Uh yeah that’s why I was asking if the Polymega might get modules to support handheld systems, there’s no good, premium, quality options for those cartridges right now.

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    J Gall

    I would love a module for these as well.


    In the meantime, you can always hunt down a GameCube and GameBoy Advance Player addon for it.


    The Retron5 also plays Gameboy through Gameboy Advance and while it is emulation, the results are a lot better than most save for a couple of compatibility issues (I have 2 Games so far that do not work)

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