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    Yesterday there was a (I guess deleted now because it was postured so rudely) post about the GUI using Kodi. My question is, does it still use Kodi or does it use something else because it reminds me of a Google Android interface more than anything else. And if it is, does that mean you are going to be running Android instead of Linux? This is just out of curiosity since it probably doesn’t really matter. Although I hope it doesn’t end up being Kodi since it can be a resource hog on some systems, but I imagine you all have spent time optimizing it. I should probably read the FAQ again so I apologize if this has been answered before.


    It has been answered, but it does keep coming up. 🙂

    Aside from Linux they are using no open source software at all. No emulators – as they are doing hybrid emulation which is part software part hardware. Also they are not using open source for display, or interface. Part of why it is taking a bit longer – they are doing it all themselves.

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    Our user interface runs smoothly and beautifully at a solid 60fps even under high stress conditions today. Neither Android or Kodi could achieve that. The reason we adopted an Android style interface is because when we started this project, we looked at many user interfaces on the market, found a few apps that we thought were the best examples of a TV user interface (many being Android TV apps), and built ours up, using the most bare bones form of Linux from there.

    Our implementation of Linux runs at such a low level that it doesn’t even use a window manager.






    I love how the interface looks.

    You guys keep showing (or reshowing) stuff and it just makes me want to ask (like a kid on a car ride) “Is it here yet?” “Is it here yet?”

    But I will be outwardly patient, while jumping up and down in anticipation inside.

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    Just looking at that image, I’m not sure how anyone could have thought it was Kodi. That’s great that you are doing so many things from scratch. A 60fps experience will be nice.

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