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    i know we may not hear anything official for awhile, but any the the 2 latter day Atari consoles technically  feasible?

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    Hey JP. Pretty much anything is feasible and doable as long as there is a demand for it (with the exception of 6th gen and later consoles and systems with weird media formats like Laser Discs). For right now, it’s all about priorities and making sure we’re delivering what we’ve promised so far.

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    I’m hoping y’all make the atari 2600 7800 module I will buy even 5200 lynx atari xe. Just waiting for kick starter got cash to burn:)


    It should be noted though that at least the Jaguar, it really wasn’t a great system or at least there were a lot of issues with the hardware when it came to actually running/playing the games. Though perhaps if they ever do look into it they can find ways of actually making it so the hardware actually works with the software.

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    J Gall

    At the very least, the JaguarCD could be supported by the base unit without need of a module. That said, I’d love to have the Jaguar, JaguarCD, Lynx, and XEGS supported. Maybe even have SIO support with the XEGS/Atari-8 module.


    I would also love to see the lynx and the Jaguar supported if possible. Even just the Jaguar CD via the base unit would be very my appreciated.


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    I would like to see Jaguar CD added, particularly now that I’ve found and picked up a few games at a local retro toys/games shop. Polymega, if one of your goals with this system was to get people to explore retro systems they’d never tried…it’s working. 😉

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