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    If this is even close to possible please, let it rip.


    From what I’ve heard it sounds like Nintendo’s still got rights tied up to N64 stuff and it’s not doable at the moment, but could be in the future?

    The N64 is quickly becoming an in-demand system for retro gaming given the age group that grew up on it is starting to get to the point where retro collecting is more viable for them, so it would be a smart add if possible.


    Polymega is looking to be the system 80s and 90s kids dreamed of but never thought we’d see: a unit that plays EVERYTHING.  I love the concept, can’t wait to back it, and am thrilled the makers are open to N64 support once it is clearly legal to do so.


    If they do somehow manage to get the rights to use the N64 for this, that’d be amazing! 😀


    The thing is, they aren’t going to purchase the rights, they are instead going to wait for the patents to expire (I think most have at this point, but they probably need to wait for a few more). Also, I’d bet that the hybrid emulation system they are designing is just a mixture of components from the original systems that are still sold seperately and black box emulation systems whenever that isn’t possible. That’s also probably why it’s taking the time that it is; it’s a much harder path for POLYMEGA to take, but they will be able to legally sell the system when they are done with all the files needed to make the system work. I just wish that they would give us updates. Even if it was as little as the I/O on the system it would be nice to at least hear something.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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