NEOGEO CD Support?

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    Hey everyone!

    It seems like the optical drive support the Polymega is set to offer is pretty wide ranging to start with but I just wondered how many other people out there are hoping to see NeoGeo CD support?

    I own a few CD games myself (windjammers!!!!!) and having sold my system a few years back I’d love to play them again.

    I know that it looks like an AES or MVS module can be seen in some of the promo images and as great as that would be the price of the carts could be just as prohibitive on the Polymega as it is with actual NEOGEO hardware.

    I am lucky enough to own an MVS arcade machine and it’s great fun playing the games but prices are a little eyebrow raising sometimes especially compared to the japanese CD versions. It might also be the case that a more modern optical drive with it’s much faster speeds would bring down the load times considerably.

    Ultimately I see the NEOGEO CD as a gateway into the NEOGEO world for people who’ve never played on one before so support at the base level would maybe help sell cartridge modules further down the line.


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    It really could have been a great system if it wasn’t for those long load times! 🙂

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    “It really could have been a great system if it wasn’t for those long load times!”

    Yes for sure! Sadly a victim of technology of the time (and probably development/production trying to limit costs) despite the load times the CD really is a good start point. I’m not sure if the optical drive on the Polymega would speed up load times or remain the same due to neogeo software limitations but as the original was a 1x speed cdrom there is room for improvement!

    A US version of viewpoint on CD would run about £40, a cart only on the MVS around £200+ and then a complete shock boxed AES version starting around £350+

    Obviously the library is much smaller on the CD but still has some of the classics!

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    I’m very happy that NGCD support has been announced!

    Much improved load times and a 20+ year newer laser system should mean i can play on my CD games all over again.

    Very happy 😀



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    My only concern now is what will the juggling monkey do for work?


    I am really happy about Neo Geo CD support. My Neo Geo CD broke several years ago and I never bothered to fix it because the load times were agony. It was the universe telling me that I shouldn’t have to wait over a minute to play a round of Last Blade. This prospect of being able to play my old CD games again makes me very happy.

    Re: Juggling Monkey

    I too am curious about that. Are the Playmaji loading screens a permanent fixture or will we be able to switch between those and the originals? The engineer in me says that there might be timing considerations using the original animated screen but I also don’t know anything about emulation programming! If it is at all possible, having the original screens too would be a big plus. Also, I suppose if you are using your own BIOS you don’t have the original loading screen anyway. If I remember correctly, the loading screens came from the discs though so presumably you could use those still? Don’t mind my rambling as I think out loud 🙂


    Add AES support and the work is perfect!

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