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    Having new hardware to play Neo Geo carts/CDs on would be wonderful! The carts are built to last forever, but the hardware…not so much. Thanks 😀


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    Oh, that would be amazing if they offered  NEO GEO AES & NEO GEO CD support.

    Day one, no question.

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    Miguel Torez

    Might be hard. SNK has been using that brand lately. The Neo Geo X came out not that long ago.

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    J Gall

    RetroBlox Modules

    Judging by the size of the NES module (the one just in front of the SNES module on the left in the picture), the module to the far right looks to be the size of a NeoGeo cartridge. The NeoGeo CD could be supported by the base system itself.

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    What looks to be the SNES module has a cartridge bay that looks far too small, though, so I can’t be too sure. That said, with the size of Neo Geo cartridges, I can’t think of anything else that it could be.

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    Having owned a couple of AES’s, the hardware was crap- unlike the cartridges. Curious to see how this is going to be replicated (hopefully better/more solid hardware)

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    I would love to see AES/MVS Support. The size of the actual cartridge would have to be accommodated.  Just have the module overhang one, or both, sides of the unit.  If there needs to be structural support, it could extend down the side so it could provide it. Any ports on either side could be replicated. So it would compromise a bit of the “size” aesthetic,  But I’m sure the AES/MVS community would be happy to have the support.



    AES support would make me buy this no questions asked!

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    BAXY Square

    I love the fact that the modular nature of the Polymega allows for even the mere possibility of AES/MVS support.  The fact that it supports the NEO GEO CD format bodes well for the possibility of an expansion module.  Perhaps it will be Module EM05!

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    The aes was junky,not the same as mvs hardware as most think and not all games were there.over priced stripped down carts.i have both and my aes just sits,my mvs is a godsend,my profile shows my case when i ordered it that fits my mv2f board.


    I would buy a Neo Geo MVS (arcade system) module day 1. If it was a dual MVS/AES module, all the better. Yes, I know, Polymega only want one cart slot per module but the AES and MVS hardware are the same. The only real difference besides the JAMMA interface on the MVS is the BIOS. I love my Unibios on my MVS.

    I would buy a Hyper Neo Geo 64 module day one as well. Though I can’t honestly see THOSE carts fitting into the current size of the modules on offer…

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    I believe that the MVS and AES cartridges have a different pinout, so the system would have to discern which type of cartridge is inserted.

    Since the PCE/SGX/TG16 module can do this, I’m guessing an AES/MVS module could easily work in the same fashion.

    It’s more like the Famicom and NES where the pins are configured differently. Chances are we’d see it as two separate modules, just as they’re doing for those respective systems.

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    Unfortunately it’s not just pinout differences. The physical AES cartridges are smaller than the MVS carts as well. Which makes a dual capable module even less likely. And the market for either on its own might be too small for Playmaji/Polymega to care. 🙁


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    Thanks @slerch666.  I learned something new today.   While the market may be small, I think there might be a market opportunity, because the NG community is willing to pay for a good quality product.  Even if Playmaji had to charge more than $60 for an AES and MVS module, I think you’d see the community flock to such a device.


    I would definitely jump on it. Retiring my Supergun, since Neo Geo is mainly all I do with it, would be nice.

    There are still folks in the Neo community that are purists and they would never play on anything other than original hardware and a CRT. I am not such a person. I can experience that with the big red Neo Geo cab I own when I feel the need. Otherwise I am playing via bare MVS board and supergun these days.

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