Polymega dead

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    No replies to peoples questions for a while now , I’m wondering if this project actually dead now.

    Hopefully I’m wrong but the signs do not look good

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    I don’t think it’s dead, they’re just being extra secretive.

    Either that, or they’re having too much fun playing on the demo unit that they forgot about the message board!


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Just doesn’t look good , Ive been involved in a few Kickstarters that went bad (I know this isn’t a Kickstarter project) and this project looks very similar to those.</p>


    I’m a staunch supporter, and have a big chunk of change in the bank to pay for the core unit and a number of modules and a second controller…. but it’s getting difficult to just not give up and chalk it up to vaporware at this point. I want it to succeed so badly, but it’s a little tough keeping the faith right now.

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    Considering they are not active on any of the social media platforms, i would agree with OP. Its most liekly dead or put on ice

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    They still reply on this message board sometimes, but usually only enough to say “We’re still working on it.”


    No reply from the Devs , this project is dead

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    Hey folks, we are most definitely still here and as always – full time working on Polymega. If anyone says otherwise,¬†they’re trolling. ūüėČ


    Polymega could be trolling


    Give us a little test. One image, a five second video. Only for believe in your word.

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    Sorry guys, not gonna happen¬†ūüôā Unless you plan on quitting playing retro games sometime soon, I’d say there’s no drawback to waiting a bit longer for¬†a more advanced product than whats currently available on the market.¬†If you’re in a rush to upgrade to something, go buy a Super NT or a RetroUSB AVS.¬†The hard work those guys have put in¬†have both¬†resulted in nice quality products if you are a Nintendo collector. They’re certainly a lot better than the low¬†quality emulation clones that plague this business.

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    J Gall

    I’m immortal, so there’s no real downside to waiting for a high quality affordable product.

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    I don’t mind waiting at all, but some sort of teaser would help to convince the sceptics.

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    Happy to wait for a high quality product.

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    Adam Shaw

    There’s a lot of negativity about the Polymega on the AtariAge forum, with some convincing arguments that the Polymega is and will forever be nothing more than vaporware. ¬†I hope they are proven wrong by Polymega soon. ¬†They are beginning to dampen my enthusiasm.

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