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    Whats the rush all the time? I dont get why ppl asking 500 times “is it done yet?”, “are they dead?”, “we need an update..” and so on. Just chill, collect some games and wait… or dont. Simple as that. Buy another console or emulate it. They answered the same questions a bunch of time already. They dont owe anybody nothing, they dont “need” to post updates. You asked for it and the politely said no. It will prolly be great when they release it… but if they dont make it for whatever reason, then just buy something else…


    If you don’t like the topic then don’t bother reading , the heading makes it quite plane what the topic is about.

    People are entitled to ask questions, as a species we’re naturally curious, so get off your high horse and stop being so boring.

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    lol what? 😀 Chill dude. I aint on any high horse, its a giant mountain of carts that I am waiting to play. Its just that I am also waiting, and every time I can see that some one has posted something, I hope there will be a thread with some relevant info.. but insted its “are we there yet/done yet/fake yet?” Thats why I had to ask, as people are entitled to ask questions: Whats the rush?


    I’d have to agree with Matthew to some degree here. Polymega has officially announced that there would be information at multiple deadlines regarding pre-orders via kickstarter that have past. There have been interviews that have placed the Kickstarters at April and Fall of last year. I believe there was a forum post as well that said Q1 2018, but I don’t recall that one for sure. For a public project this isn’t a way to generate attention and build an audience. We don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes, and I hope Polymega blows the retro scene out of the water, but it’s also hard to keep trying to make sure you have money in your budget for something that you don’t know is coming to market yet or how much it will cost you. If everything turns out, in hindsight it feels like Polymega went public too early. There could be other reasons for that too.


    As far as the timeline goes, back when Polymega was announced the idea was to crowdfund the project. Shortly afterwards, private investors came in and the project no longer required crowd funding, and the schedule changed along with it. So yes they announced it when they should have.

    Personally I think Polymega should lock the forums until they are closer to launching the product. The only activity these days are either pulse check threads or doom threads like this. The people who have a continued positive interest is this project have contributed as much as they can as far as suggestions go for the initial launch and there isn’t anything else going on here at the moment.

    I don’t believe there is actually a dedicated community person on the project. Just once every now and then someone pops in to say something, which again, doesn’t help when threads go on too long.

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    We’re not too worried about doom and gloom threads like this, they’ll get buried when we start sharing more. Big push going on right now.


    Hopefully this thread does get buried, I’d be one of the first to slap down the cash.

    Good luck if you guys aren’t really jokers.

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