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    So there are a lot of games that got released on multiple systems, and some are considered to be better versions than others. Let’s make this an informative/discussion thread about which versions of games are preferable. Let’s also limit this to systems Polymega can potentially play only – no PS2/Gamecube/Xbox or newer.

    For example, Street Fighter II has had many versions and many ports of those versions to various consoles. The general consensus seems to be that the best version of Street Fighter II was the SNES version, while the best version of Super Street Fighter II Turbo is either the imported Dreamcast or the 3DO version.

    Mickey Mania was initially released on SNES and Genesis, but the Sega CD version is considered better, and the PS1 release called Mickey’s Wild Adventure is the best.

    One thing I’m curious about is the best version of FMV games like Night Trap, Sewer Shark, Mad Dog McCree, Supreme Warrior, etc. They were released on a bunch of platforms like Sega CD, Sega CD 32X, Philips CD-i, and 3DO. Same with Don Bluth’s Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace. Anyone know what the best versions of these are?

    Feel free to add your own recommendations or ask about games where you want to know which version(s) are best.

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    Just a reminder..┬áThere hasn’t been support announced for Dreamcast, 3DO, or CD-i.

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    True, sorry if I was unclear in my first post, but I was talking about what Polymega has the potential to play, not just what it has been announced to play as of now.

    Even so, I don’t see the harm in discussing them. All three have been mentioned as possible in their FAQ and in interviews. Dreamcast is in fact the high-end cap they have in mind for the system, as mentioned in a recent video interview.

    But to be clear, perhaps when discussing we should list the best/preferred version of games that Polymega will be able to play as of now, AND the best version Polymega could play if given modules/updates for said system.

    I’ll kick it off with some that I’ve come to understand are the preferred versions.

    Final Fantasy IV and VI – originally released in NA on SNES as II and III, the preferred version for many seems to be the Playstation versions included in Final Fantasy Chronicle and Final Fantasy Anthology as they have better English translations. If Polymega were to support GBA, there are also versions of IV and VI which are “enhanced” which are also preferred over the SNES original versions by many.

    Final Fantasy V – since it was only released in Japanese on Super Famicom, the NA version on PS1’s Final Fantasy Anthology seems to be the desired version. However, like IV and VI, there is an enhanced GBA port of it, so if Polymega ever added GBA support, that would be a possible alternative.

    Chrono Trigger – I can’t really find a consensus on this one. The main difference between the SNES original and the PS1 port is that the latter includes FMV scenes.

    Sonic 3D Blast – the best that Polymega will be able to play as of now is the Genesis version. If Saturn is added, that is the preferred version as it has crisper visuals and 3D special stages.

    Disney’s Aladdin – There are a bunch of versions of this, but the two most talk about are the Genesis and SNES versions. They are actually two different games, and many people prefer the Genesis version for its animation style and sword use in gameplay. However the SNES version is a solid platformer and liked by many as well.

    Mickey Mania/Mickey’s Wild Adventure – The Sega CD port is preferred over SNES and Genesis because of its enhanced CD audio, and the PS1 version called Mickey’s Wild Adventure is considered the best version of all of them.

    Most other Disney Capcom games – I see the generally people prefer the SNES versions over the Genesis versions, with the exception of Aladdin. However it may depend on if you like the look and sound of the SNES or Genesis better as they play the same.

    Earthworm Jim – While there are pros and cons to the graphics and sound between the SNES and Genesis versions, the SNES version is missing a level that the Genesis version has. The game was designed for the Genesis, which makes it the preferred version. However, the Special Edition release on Sega CD extended some levels and added an additional level, as well as additional animations, alternate endings and enhanced CD audio. This makes the Sega CD the best version.

    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – The SNES, Genesis and Sega CD games are all completely different games. The SNES version is a beat ’em up, the Genesis version is a fighting game, and the Sega CD version is a essentially an FMV “quick time event” game where you press buttons in time with the action on screen from a few season one episodes. Generally the SNES version is the preferred one.

    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie – Again, the SNES and Genesis versions are different, though both are beat ’em ups. Both allow two-player co-op gameplay, although the Genesis version seems to be more popular as it featured more elements from the movie, and had Megazord battles, which the SNES version does not.

    Doom – If Polymega ever supported DOS, this would be the ideal version as it was originally released for DOS. Even if Polymega supported 3DO or Saturn, those ports are considered some of the worst with sluggish controls and gameplay. While the SNES and 32X versions are somewhat impressive given their hardware, the PS1 version is considered the best console port the Polymega can play. If Atari Jaguar support was added, it would be an excellent alternative, as the Jaguar port was handled by the creators of the game in-house. Doom 64 for N64 is not a port, but rather a new game built on the gameplay of the original.


    FFV, FFVI and Chrono Trigger have bad loading times on the PSX.

    FFIV, on the other hand, is a near perfect port. People might buy Final Fantasy Chronicles for Chrono Trigger, but it’s really FFIV that’s the star of the complication.

    I don’t know if the polymega will improve the loading times with the others.



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    FFV, FFVI and Chrono Trigger have bad loading times on the PSX.

    I’m curious to know if they improved loading times on more than just the Neo Geo CD. If they did for the other 3 CD-based systems, that would be another huge benefit to Polymega.

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