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    Tyson Way

    If only i can play my old PS2 game collection on this Retroblox… im down…i’ll pay anything to play PS1 and PS2 thru hdmi 1080P. I cant play my old fat model PS2 anymore because my 4k TV does not have the right inputs. But it of course has HDMI..also i know my old 60 gig ps3 is gonna die soon, so i’m not going to have any other option to play my PS2 on my TV once my ps3 dies [most older fat ps3 models die sooner or later] . I know of other emulators out there, but i want to do this legally and play my physical copy of my games i have in my collection.

    And Sega CD?! Are you kidding me? Sega CD was one of my favorite systems growing up as a kid {Snatcher, Sonic CD}, along with genesis games too.. maybe i should have posted that in the Sega section but.. anyway, i cant wait for this system to come out!


    Thank you.. my prayers have been answered lol :]

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    Hey TW, I’m right there with you!  Pretty pumped at the prospect of this system, and PS2 has some great games for sure. R-type Final, for instance, is one I’d love to play on my bit HDTV (no PS3 here, so… still a dream).

    PS2 games, however, are still being released on the PS4 so that may be a big red flag from a legal standpoint.  Also, while the Rockchip RK3288 is quite capable, it seems like PS2 might be pushing the limits for emulation.  But hey- we’ll still have Sega CD, PS1, and (most important IMO) TurboGrafx CD! 😀

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    Tyson Way

    Yeah i completely forgot about the PS2 games on PS4 at the time of my post. Although it would be nice to have, there would probably be some legal issues. I just hate that Sony forces us to pay 10-15 dollars to re-buy our PS2 games that they never update lol. last i checked they only have 30 or so games on the PSN store. And your right about ps2 pushing limits of emulation, i seen some crazy people on youtube running Gran Turismo 4 in 4k resolution with custom graphics shaders lol.. that would probably be hard to do even on 1080p alone. And i heard the specs to run that game on an emulator are pretty demanding [if you want it to look nice].

    I heard of R-Type Final before, wasn’t it like a side scrolling shooter where your in a space ship? I played a game called Armada for Dreamcast which is kinda the same thing.. that game was cool too. but yeah i’ll have to check out R-Type man..

    And i always wanted to play TurboGrafx 16 and CD when i was younger. But never got a chance too.. what are some good games for it?



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    Seeing PS2 under “retro consoles” actually makes me feel old. Anyways I would love to see the PS2 being supported at some point. I have a PS2, but the laser unit is going out on me as it can’t read CD Rom discs anymore. (So I can’t play PS1/blue PS2 discs on it…) I do own a PS1 to compensate for the PS1 games, however I have a few CD Rom PS2 games I can’t play unless I replace the laser unit. :\

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    I would love to be able to play my PS2 games again without having to buy an old console that will break down randomly.


    I’m here with you on that as PS2 and OG OG Xbox are what I’d like to see most on this system but I don’t know if they’ll be able to implement it = [

    I’d also love to see a PSP module as the PSP emulator on pc has a few issues (Games like Darkdtalkers Chronicles and Loco Roco 2 are missing on screen sprites even though they are direct rips grom my own UMDs)


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    The Polymega team  have said that PSP support is doable from an emulation point of view although it won’t happen due to Sony’s PSP disc format. However, this raises the question – will PS2 support ever happen, because the PSP and PS2 are pretty much the same thing.

    Can we hope to see PS2 sometime? Because I don’t really want to have to sit my Polymega on top of my ageing original big PS2 – although that might actually look quite neat…..

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    Dennis Brown

    I wonder about this too. As in maybe a 2nd generation Polymega for consoles from 1999 to 2006?… Gamcube, PS2, Dreamcast, Xbox, etc… I imagine that since the current prototype is only covering the 8 bit, 16 bit, 64 bit emulations, that something as powerful as the PS2 would more than likely require new hardware. If that is the case, I think it would be cool if the said hardware that is capable of 128 bit could be implemented through a module. Just an idea. But in any case, however it is implemented, if possible, would be fantastic.


    They actually stated that it wouldn’t need any kind of power upgrade so I think it is perfectly capable of ps2 but they’ve already stated that they aren’t looking into it at this yime

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    We can only hope….. Polymega have said that their interface with the modules would allow for hardware upgrades within a module. Also the drive is DVD-ROM capable and the control pads are basically PS2. So a module with no ports, just as an upgrade ? Assuming it’s even needed? A bit like Opcode’s Super Game Module for the Colecovision maybe. They say it’s not in their sights now, but they have not said a definitive No. We can dream and hope……..

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    J Gall

    A bit like Opcode’s Super Game Module for the Colecovision maybe.

    Now you’re making me want a Colecovision module with SGM support.

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