PSone Resolution and other Enhancements?

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    Vincent Hase

    Will the emulation solely be “as it was in 1999”, or will there be improvements to the 3d engine?

    The EPSXE emulator has a 2x resolution mode (not the standard gpu plugin, but an actual in-program enhancement) – will such a feature be available? I would buy an extra one just to support you if I could put my actual disc in and see similar results – it’s amazing! Obviously, textures still suffer, but the sharpness of objects (especially in the distance) breathes new life into these older games.

    To a lesser extent, there is also a sub pixel precision mode which cleans up lot of the “warping” of textures on the 3d surfaces, as well as a hack that allows games that used the sony-recommended 3d viewpoint settings to actually display in 16×9 (not simply “stretched”) – but, of course, that doesn’t work on everything, so it wouldn’t be “user friendly”…

    But my key question is resolution – Will the Polymega support something like a 2x resolution mode? That, to me, is truly worth the price of admission!

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    Joe Clark

    I was wondering a similar thought but I was wondering if you will be able to add ps2/ps3 enhancements at least.

    I know that pc emulators can really change the graphics of ps1 but they usually cause some problems with the game, which is why I never really got into pc emulation because I have actual hardware. The ps2/ps3 enhancements always worked fine for me.

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    J Gall


    So anyway, so as far as the system, yes it does upscale everything to 1080p. You have 4:3 and 16:9 in pixel perfect aspect ratios, and then we have a composite video filter, RGB filter, and native HDMI.

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    Vincent Hase

    While upscaling the video to 1080p is great (and expected), that does not answer the question of whether playstation games will offer enhanced resolution in-game – specifically drawing out the polys in higher resolution than the original game did, such as modern emulators do with systems like the PSone, PStwo, PSP and Nintendo 64. “Pixel perfect”, in fact would be the opposite of what I am hoping for, meaning the games themselves would render in their original resolution, blown up to the 1080 screen. As clean and as welcome as that is, I am hoping that alternate game resolutions will be available to polygon, 3D rendered systems.

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    While upscaling would be nice, I would like to have different resolution options available for PS1 games.

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