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    The biggest thing I would like to see is OG Xbox and PS2 support but something I think would be a little more realistic would be PSP.

    I still have my PSP but unfortunately it’s one of if not the most fragile Handhelds I own (I’ve gone though 4 of them over the years as the slightest bump will crack the screen or it’ll be riddled with defects) so when I want to play a PSP Game, I load up the emulator on my pc however, the PSP emulator on pc has a few issues (Games like Darkstalkers Chronicles and Loco Roco 2 are missing on screen sprites even though they are direct rips grom my own UMDs)

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    Mario Rivera

    I really wouldn’t expect competent PSP emulation from the older low end chipset they are using but if you really want the ultimate PSP tv experience right now you can get a PSTV with firmware 3.60 or lower and install Adrenaline. Its really, really easy to do. If you get it brand new it will be guaranteed to be under 3.60fw. If your PSP has CFW you can also use a plugin called remote joy lite to sync your PSP to your PC via USB. Once connected you can play your PSP games full screen on your PC’s display and use any controller connected to your PC to play your games as well.

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    We will not be supporting the PSP on POLYMEGA. Not because of the CPU / GPU speed or chipset, which could easily handle the emulation (in contrast to what Mario said), but because the media runs on Sony’s proprietary UMD drive which is not available to be sourced and is likely┬ásubject to patent filings made when the PSP was launched in 2004.

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    J Gall

    Have you checked directly with Sony? They’d probably jump at the chance to sell some OEM UMD drives.

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