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    I know its all the rage to support hd this and hd that but, will this be an actual suitable replacement for the real consoles?


    When I play retro  consoles I like playing them on my crt. Will their be any form of analog video output either, composite, svideo, component etc. Also will the console support real 4:3 or will it just be the game with forced black borders in a 16:9 setting?

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    Morsh Borsh

    This would be good to know. Too many people are scared of 4:3 nowadays

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    Many emulators use shaders of some sort,¬†and it is sitll a viable option for each module if you ask me. Don’t emulate the hardware if you can achieve identical results with emulation.

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    Your comment makes absolutely no sense and has nothing to do with the context or content of what we’re talking about.


    I can’t answer on the analog outputs, but per this interview it will support pixel perfect, 4:3 and 16:9 with virtual composite and RGB scanline modes:

    Q&A: The Polymega with Bryan Bernal

    How is upscaling handled?
    Upscaling is handled on the GPU of the Polymega. We render the frame at the original native resolution of the console then upscale it to whatever setting you have the system in on the Polymega at HD resolutions. This allows you to choose which way you want to view the game, including aspect ratios for pixel perfect, 4:3 and 16:9, as well as supporting virtual composite and RGB scanline modes on top of any of those aspect ratios.

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