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    Saturn? Many of us Saturn users stick our fingers in our ears and say “I’m not listening” when there is talk of drive failure. There are solid state solutions appearing on the horizon but ¬†availability is an issue. An all-in-1 modular solution like this is very attractive. The infamous security system has now been cracked. What hope for lovers of this great misunderstood system?

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    I would like to see saturn and dreamcas as well.

    Today we dont have perfect emulators, and would like to play those two as well.

    Waiting for more information.

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    We love Saturn as well ūüôā

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    Oh yes.. If Saturn can be done.. I would love that!!!!  My faithful Day one Saturn just started acting up. So yes.. Add me to the list for people who want a Saturn module.



    This is my most hoped-for module for the Retroblox system, and the first thing that came to mind when I saw it supported PS1 games.  Hope to see it in the future.


    Please support Saturn games as well! Now that at least they have (somehow) break their code and can run flashcards on the system, you could integrate the technology on retroblox system as well!

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    Best Day Ever… oh, PLEASE include Sega Saturn!

    Saturn was for gaming… what Elvis was to music…

    So, shall I say; “Long Live the King”



    Another vote for Saturn. Mine hides in the closet a lot because thinking of the drive failing makes me cry from time to time.

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    With a dual CPU and dual GPU architecture, Saturn simulation seems much more complex than any other platform to implement.  But if anyone could do it, it sure seems like the @admin team is up to the challenge.

    I’m curious if¬†the Saturn would be a system that would¬†be implemented an element module for the RAM cart and controller ports or if it¬†would be implemented in software and work without a module like the other CD systems.¬† I’m guessing if it’s the latter, the RAM Cart would be in memory and we’d use Saturn USB controllers to get that authentic feel.


    I’d buy a module if it means I can use the Twin Sticks. Would be nice to not need to spend the additional money for a module but given the Twin Sticks and the RAM cart… I am not sure they can implement it all with just the hardware they have in the main module?

    Still hoping they update soon with the technical aspects of the project overall.

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    Got my vote!

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    We love Saturn as well 🙂

    I’m gonna take that as an unofficial “Maybe someday…”

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