Saving from the refuse bin like a BOSS!

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    Joe Clark

    I hope there will be a Master System option. I collect consoles and do my best to maintain them for years more enjoyment. I also rescue consoles from abusive owners.

    This summer I rescued a Master System from a person who used an NES power brick on it to try and play. The voltage regulator had a hole blown out the front of it and the controller must have received the brunt of the frustration because it had suffered so much damage from being thrown that 3 of the 6 internal screw posts were broken free, the cable had internal damage causing one of the buttons to not work. I salvaged a voltage regulator from a dead NES and the Master System was brought back to life but the controller was the only one I had and it was ready for the refuse bin. Luckily I don’t give up so easily and I used crazy glue to reseat the broken screw posts and to build up the posts on all sides for durability. I took a 6ft ethernet cable and spliced it into the existing cable and wired it into the circuit board. I used some black and red braided sleeving with shrink tubing to wrap the cable for future protection and the end results are the sweetest Master System controller repair and about 12ft controller cord.

    I just hope there is a module coming so I can use my controller as much as possible on my HDTV, my 4k tv wont let me use my old consoles on it.


    blown out voltage regulator on the right


    Finished repair

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    J Gall

    From the information they already gave, the Genesis/MD/32X module will support the Power Base Converter to run Master System games.

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    We would like to do a dedicated SMS / Mark III module later down the line.

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    J Gall

    With card and 3D glasses support?

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