Sega Forever?

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    Hey Polymega

    With SEGA now confirming the launch of their Sega Forever service running on iOS and Android platforms is there a possibility this could be something we could see on the Polymega? If the program can run on smart phones and tablets the Polymega should be well equipped to deliver a better experience.

    It seems quite plausible that some kind of deal that allows Sega Forever to run on the Polymega system would be beneficial to both parties.

    For SEGA it would bring in more advertising revenue if the games are played for free or sales revenue if people decide to pay to dispence with the ads. For Polymega it could help realise Saturn and Dreamcast gaming which may otherwise be unobtainable. It would also allow people who want the ability to download and play ROMs the option from an official source.

    Just a thought

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    J Gall

    I got all those games currently available and signed up for updates.

    It would be nice to have versions of those old games with achievements/trophies, like they did on PS3 for a handful of them, but for the majority of their back catalog.

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    We’d love to support this type of service for players without physical game collections in the future. For now, we’re focusedĀ on providing the best gaming experience possible for those who have the originals. Thanks!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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