Stacking modules? Yes Please. What about storage?

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    As far as I can tell there can only be one active module in the base unit. I understand this is convenient when you have a cartridge sticking out but that will hardly ever happen (everybody will dump roms asap). So, why not have the possibility of creating a tower of modules (like old school hifi sets!) so that you have start up anything you want , plug in the corresponding controllers an play away?

    Clicking modules in and out of the base unit is an unattractive proposition if you ask me.

    This begs the question; how and where are dumps stored? In central storage on the base unit? Or is there separate storage on each of the modules? My guess is the first since the GUI does’t SEEM to make any distinction. That creates a problem; What if I have my snes module attached and decide to start up a NES game? Will the system warn me “Please install correct module” or will it run after which I can’t play since my controllers won’t work? Therefore Stack m up ­čÖé

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