Time Crisis

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    I know light guns have been covered thoroughly, I’m not entirely sure how differently, if at all, the Time Crisis gun worked through the PS1, I remember there being an extra connection through the video out on the back of the console.


    I’m still presuming the gun will not work with our slower speed tv screens?  As per the NES Zapper etc…,.


    The old school guns like that are designed to work with old TVs, they won’t work at all on HD, and Polymega is HD – so they will not work. This was stated in the faq or a thread.


    I figured as much, just wanted to be sure I wasn’t missing something with the use of that additional cable.


    Thanks.  Be nice if someone, Polymega or otherwise find a solution/work around to this, sensor bar or something.

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    The original GunCon and GunCon 2 controllers required CRTs, but the GunCon 3 connected via USB and used 2 LEDs attached to the screen to tell where you’re aiming.

    (Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GunCon )


    I hadn’t realised they had newer generations of the GunCon.


    I can see what Polymega were suggesting now in relation to a hardware solution for light gun games.


    If someone could produce a device, as per the GunCon 3 which was somehow compatible across all of the systems that would be a big success I think, opening up quite a catalogue of games which (unless you have a original system and CRT) are not playable today.

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    Maybe something similar to a WiiMote w/ sensor bar, that seems to work on any TV.


    Guess the difficulty is transferring that data into something the retro games will understand.

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    Shouldn’t be that difficult.. The translation of the positional data from the pointing system (WiiMote, USB/Bluetooth Mouse, Aimtrack, GunCon3, etc.) has historically been part of the emulation on PCs.  Now it just needs to be done once for each emulated platform with lightguns.

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