We need an update on the project

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    There hasn’t been a single piece of news or an update on the Polymega since last July. When are we gonna get another update? It’s been way too long. I am trying my best to be as patient as possible, but what’s taking it so long? Is the Kickstarter still gonna happen? Is the Polymega gonna release this year? Are there gonna be any new modules? Please, let us know what’s taking everything so long!

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    Arnold Chin

    I do think it’d be in Polymega’s best interest to generate something on their news at least now, as Gmaster23 mentioned it’s been 6 months since the last official news. Even a fluff piece on your design team or engineers is better than nothing for this long, guys…


    I’d take some test footage or maybe even abother set of location testing at conventions footage.




    I agree, it has been way too long!

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    We know you guys are starved for info, so we do plan to provide updates on the project in the near future. Here’s a quick look at what we will be sharing in early 2018:

    • Hybrid Emulators: Demonstrations, live patents / tech info.
    • User Interface: Custom playlists, game details, in-game menus, media capturing and management.
    • Hardware: Base unit updates, module updates, new classic controllers, retail packaging.

    We’ll follow that up with information regarding pre-orders.



    Awesome. Thanks for the update Polymega. Look forward to ordering my Pre-Order, even if there is still some more waiting to do.

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    Joe Clark

    I’m very much looking forward to getting my Polymega, so Is my electric bill. It costs a lot to run my 200Lb. Sony CRT TV and all my old consoles (Sega Frankenstein uses 3 power bricks).

    Thanks for letting us know about your upcoming announcements.


    That’s great news, but I still believe periodic updates are still a good idea to keep the public informed, even if it’s small news. I honestly forgot that this project and though that it was dead. Anyway, I look forward to hearing some more progress about this project in the future. Thank you.


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    @Jocelyn –

    Since Polymega is still in development, we don’t plan to share every new feature that gets implemented on weekly or even monthly basis. If we did, you’d have less to be surprised or excited about when the system is launched. Plus, our previously announced designs / ideas have already clearly inspired some other overseas opportunists to take an idea we came up with and put it in market quickly and cheaply without the same regard for quality.

    So for now, look at it like Polymega is a AAA game that’s in development that doesn’t really get shown except at press events. When it is finally shown, it’s everything you hoped it would be and its really, really awesome.


    Ok but when? Please give a date. Thanks.


    Last estimation was hoping for  Q1 this year for info and pre-order- is that still a fair expectation?


    Lol, guys(gals) need to chill. Using the AAA example Polymega used in the example, it will be available for pre order 3-6 months prior to release. This is not a kickstarter backed project, they have time to get a really polished experience rather than some cheap knock off.

    @Curtis, doubt it now. If there is a FAQ that references this time frame it needs to be updated.


    Yeah. I could still see a late march beginning of info, though. That would still be Q1.  They said “Early 2018” and “near future” in their above post. That what I was hoping for. 🙂


    I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


    Don’t get me wrong – I love what has been done, and I want you guys to take the time you need to get it right!

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