Why no news?

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    Last news in facebook: July. This project is alive?

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    Well technically yes, there’s been no new “News” for the news section, however, development is still underway. If you checked the Twitter account, Polymega recently posted a job posting for a Senior Electrical Engineer position in their new Dallas location. So it seems the team is heavy at work and actually been expanding. I know, many of us have been hoping to hear more, but like all projects, things take time.

    Hang in there my fellow gamer!

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    Zues is exactly right.

    In contrast to many retro-gaming oriented products on the market, we are taking the less trodden path for development that does not ride on the backs of the open source community (apart from Linux). Use of popular open source frontends and emulator APIs makes it very, very fast to get to market with a retro game console product, and we’ve all seen many of them pop up on crowdfunding platforms every month or two for this reason, sometimes to the chagrin of some of the original open source developers.  If we had gone this route, POLYMEGA probably would have been in your hands already earlier this year.

    However, for us there are very good philosophical and business reasons to invest in our own technology, and we’re in the very fortunate position of already having a strong development warchest without additional kickstarters, indiegogos, or patreons. This has enabled us to grow our team and partnerships behind the scenes, and the new Dallas development office is a product of that expansion.

    We will continue to be active on this board to answer relevant questions as usual, but as previously stated – everyone on the team (including your humble forum admin) are putting in around the clock effort to make this product the best it can be. When the project is finished you can believe we will be back in the news daily, guns blazing, with a countdown to a pre-order link ready to go.


    Surely the point of crowd funding is for backers to follow and get involved in some small way with the project.

    Why haven’t you guys launched polymega on Kickstarter/indiegogo yet , you don’t need to have I finished item to launch on this websites.


    They have stated they have backers/investors that give them the funds necessary to create the console – the “Warchest” mentioned above. No need for a kickstarter at this point. Kickstarters take a lot of time and energy from the people running them – as they have the backing they need the time and energy that would go for a kickstarter is, instead, going to actually finishing the thing.  When it is done, they are going to do a big preorder. No need for kickstarter at this time – it would actually hinder production.

    Note this is all speculation based on things said, and knowing how kickstarter works.


    I’m in the camp of don’t rush this. I really want this to be a premium retro console. If I wanted a quick and dirty console that could play retro games… wait, I do, it’s a Retro Pi.

    I’ve accepted that this is going to come with a price tag on it, that the expected launch window is sometime 2018, and that I’m going to order/pre-order/etc. this console and almost all the modules that release for it. It will be nice to use my retro library once again.


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    Thanks for the update Polymega!!

    Will continue to keep checking for updates 🙂

    Really looking forward to this product!!

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    J Gall

    I’m definitely in the “do it right, not fast” camp. That said, I’m looking forward to the preorder and release.

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    I’m still really excited for this thing.  Glad your doing it right and not just putting something out there half baked.  This thing has great potential for retro gaming.

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    And this is exactly the question I had and with a sensible response as usual. Thanks. Cant wait for this.


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