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    As I’m reading more and more about the Polymega system I am both more enthralled and in equal measure unsure.


    The short of it, I consider myself to have a ‘small’ collection of games, specifically: x20 Megadrive games, x13 NES games, x6 Sega CD games, x12 PS1 and x1 Dreamcast.


    These are all from my childhood, I’ve looked at various outlets for buying used games, seems people are well on the bandwagon for ‘overcharging’ for ‘retro’ games.


    I guess I’m asking your opinions whether this is a warranted purchase, given my meagre collection?


    I’ve become aware, from reading, that the Polymega’s extra hardware is merely to help deal with certain processor boosted titles (FX, SVP etc…,.) So for the rest of games I’m assuming (hopefully wrong) this wont be much different to othwr forms of emulation currently available.


    I have literally confused myself whilst writing this, but would be happy for peoples thoughts and discussion.

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    To me it has more to do with playing my old games on an HD TV properly, and there’s something about using real cartridges that for some people cannot be duplicated from an emulated rom collection. Also backing up my games is a big plus. And for me personally, I don’t intend to overpay for retro games. I come across games for old systems all the time at garage sales, antique stores, retro collectibles stores, etc.Polymega will give me more freedom to try new games for systems that otherwise would require a very expensive system that likely looks terrible on my current TV and has a high likelihood of having issues or failing due to its age.

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