Quick update on where we’re at as we approach the worldwide release of POLYMEGA™:

  • Beta Update
  • Retail & Distribution Partners
  • Retail Launch Price
  • COVID-19 / Street Date
  • What’s Next


We're shipping the initial wave of Beta units in the last week of March. This will include the Base Unit, the included Universal Wireless Controller, and all of the accessories that will come with the retail system. We're also shipping several of the Element Modules out to Beta testers. There's no NDA attached, so expect to see lots of the Polymega in the first couple weeks of April.

We're releasing the Beta in two stages, a first wave in April, and a second larger wave in May. We will notify users individually when they can expect to receive their orders via e-mail, some of which have already been contacted.


Polymega will be available for pre-order from the following online retailers starting April 15th:

If you're a retailer interested in carrying POLYMEGA™ in your store, please contact one the following distributors.

We'll be announcing other international distributor and retailer info for the following countries/regions soon:

  • Mainland Europe, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore

All retail systems have a street date of July 6th.


Starting on April 15th, MSRP’s will increase for the following products:

  • Base Unit with Wireless Controller – $399.99 USD
  • Element Module Set EM01 – $79.99 USD
  • Element Module Set EM02 – $79.99 USD
  • Element Module Set EM03 – $79.99 USD
  • Element Module Set EM04 – $79.99 USD

Didn’t pre-order yet? The pre-order store will be live with the discounted pre-order price for a short while longer. But after that, the only way to get Polymega will be through retail channels at full price.


Like most hardware companies, COVID-19 caused several factories in our supply chain to halt work for around 30-60 days while the virus was contained. Thankfully, most of our suppliers and factories are now back to work, and are making fast progress toward the launch of POLYMEGA™. We believe that as long as the daily work situation in Asia remains stable for the next 30-60 days, we can achieve the staged Beta release in Mar/Apr/May, followed by a July 6th street date for all pre-orders.


We’re going to be kicking off a regular live-stream of Polymega soon, and we’re also creating tutorial-type videos on how to use the system in its entirety now that we’re ready to launch. Keep an eye out on our social media for the days and times that we’ll be streaming and posting new video content.

Additionally, we’re continuing to work on CD compatibility testing for the various consoles supported by Polymega. If you want to know how big of a task this is, just PS1 Japan alone has more games than all the other CD systems supported by Polymega combined. It’s a big task but someone’s gotta do it! We’re aiming to complete this effort sometime next month.

Last, we are going to be updating the Polymega FAQ to include all of the accessories officially supported by the system. We’ll announce on social when this has occurred.

That’s it for now! We hope everyone is staying healthy and using this opportunity to stay indoors and catch up on those seemingly never ending backlogs of games! Thanks!


– Team Polymega