System Update 1.0.8 Now Available

System Update v1.0.8 is now available. Please use the System Update button in the System settings to get the latest version. Please note that you can find the content of previous System Software Updates in the changelog.

1.0.8 Release Notes

  • Fixed issue where a crash could occur when ejecting a disc while install percentage was 90% or higher.
  • Fixed issue where loading an installed PC-Engine System Card from external media wasn't working.
  • Fixed issue where PAL NES games were not properly updating at 50Hz.
  • Fixed issue where previous/next UI icons were not mapped correctly for PC-Engine 6 button controllers.
  • Fixed issue where menu legends wouldn't update correctly after switching region then switching controllers.
  • Improved game support for many Power Element Module (EM01) compatible games that were previously not working. Includes Akumajou Special - Boku Dracula-Kun (FC), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (FC), Kage no Densetsu (FC), Star Soldier (FC), Othello (FC), and many others.
  • Improved game support for several Mega Element Module (EM03) compatible games that were previously not working. Includes Phantasy Star IV, Knuckles Chaotix, and others.
  • Improved game recognition speed for NES/Famicom games when inserted into Power Element Module (EM01). (Note: Beta firmware EM01 Modules will still recognize games at the original speed).
  • Improved automatic button mapping when using PC-Engine controllers to play NGCD/GEN/MD/32X/SCD/MDCD/SAT games.
  • Added support for two simultaneous GC01 Light Guns.
  • Added "Enhanced Sound Mode" option for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive/32X. This is disabled by default but can be enabled in the Audio Settings menu.
  • Updated NES HDPack support to be more compatible with recently released HDPacks.
  • Added "HD Temporal Blur" video option, which reduces the appearance of interlacing vibration in HD video mode on systems like PS1 and Saturn. Disable to reduce ghosting in screenshots. This can be accessed in the Video Settings menu.
  • Added support for PC-Engine Mini USB Controller.
  • Improved Game Database support for several previously missing titles, including Biohazard - Director's Cut (JP) for PS1.