It's been a little while but we were in need of a better platform to share with you all some longer form updates on the console as we head toward Polymega's release this Summer! Lots of great stuff in store for you all, so please keep an eye out for updates here!

This week we're re-opening preorders for the Polymega here on our site. In addition to the re-opening of the pre-order shop, we've made some small revisions to the website to reflect the final design of the system. For anyone who missed out on our social posts over the last month, here's a quick recap on the progress of the Polymega:

Polymega hardware is finished. Running a powerful 35W Intel Coffee Lake S series Processor.


Polymega is powered by a 35W Intel Coffee Lake S series Processor which can be upgraded in the future, if necessary, to support future systems and functionality. An upgraded processor in the future may allow us to add more demanding game systems to the Polymega, or add features like in the box Twitch streaming.

You can also add a huge amount of games to your Polymega library with support for NVMe M.2 2280 SSD's via expansion port on the underside of the console. SD expansion remains intact, up to 1TB. In total, you can install up to 3TB of games on Polymega now.


We posted a ton of information about the emulators we're using to play games on Polymega, all of which are fully licensed. One notable addition is that Polymega features the first 64-bit version of Kega Fusion . Kega Fusion has been known to be one of the best pre-Saturn Sega Emulators, and we're happy to have a nice new modern version of it for your Sega nostalgia trips. It runs great, including the tricky to emulate 32X and 32XCD. The FAQ has been updated with this and other information on the emulation tech we're using.

Also, during a short trip to the Game Developer's Conference at GDC, Bryan was able to sit down with retro game journalist extraordinaire Jeremy Parish, who had a hands on session with the system for the first time. You can get his detailed thoughts and impressions in the Nintendo Life article he wrote here. He even got a chance to play Fahrenheit for the ill-fated Sega 32XCD format! You can see Polymega's  32X emulation in action here (via NintendoLife).

We got some time in at GDC with Jeremy Parish, who was able to go hands on with the system and do a writeup on Nintendo Life.


Speaking of gaming journalists, we were recently in NYC for a hands on interview with a popular gaming website, and while out there we managed to sneak some time in with @nycfurby aka Arturo "Sabin" Sanchez from Team Spooky, a pro street fighter player with insane skills! We posted video of him playing a Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter for Sega Saturn on the real Polymega here.

Bob from RetroRGB also was in attendance and was able to test our USB connection to evaluate the input lag. It was about the same as an SNES Classic. The module controllers should be about a frame faster. We also got a chance to do an in-depth interview on the project with Bob a few days after we met in New York, and it was a great pleasure to talk about some of the decisions we've made on Polymega and why we've made them. A long interview but some good tidbits in there for those interested in the Polymega!

"I brought my own monitor (sceptere model e24) to test it in a zero lag environment. Played marvel vs sf, X-men vs sf, alpha 3 and walked away impressed" - Arturo "Sabin" Sanchez, Pro Fighting Game Player


We always envisioned Polymega's modules to be like a plug and play, in that you have controllers, games, and a cartridge connector built into one unit you can play from the moment you start using it.

Recently we announced some really fun games that will be included pre-installed on the Polymega Base Unit including:

  • 40 Winks (PS1 - NA Version)
  • Viper (PS1-PAL Version)
  • Iron Commando (SNES - NA Version)
  • アイアンコマンドー 鋼鉄の戦士 Iron Commando (SFC)
  • トップレーサー Top Racer (SFC)
  • Battle Squadron (Genesis)
  • Rescue: The Embassy Mission (NES - NA Version)

Today, we're announcing module pack-in games! Here are the games included digitally on the NES, SNES, and Genesis Modules. EM04 (TG16/PC-Engine) licensed games will be announced shortly as we finalize our licensing agreements, which we're traveling to Asia next week for.

EM01: NES Digital Classics Vault Games:

  • 8 Eyes (NES – NA Version)
  • Nightshade (NES – NA Version)
  • Target: Renegade (NES – NA Version)
  • Power Punch II (NES – NA Version)
  • Treasure Master (NES – NA Version)

EM02: SNES Digital Classics Vault Games:

  • Dragon View (SNES – NA Version)
  • Legend (SNES – NA Version)
  • Gourmet Warriors (SNES – NA Version)
  • Push-Over (SNES – PAL Version)
  • トップレーサー2 Top Gear 2 (SNES – JP Version)
  • スーパードラッケン Super Drakkhen (SFC – JP Version)
  • 美食戦隊 薔薇野郎 Gurume Sentai Bara Yarou (SFC – JP Version)

EM03: MD + GEN Digital Classics Vault Games:

  • Top Gear 2 (Genesis - NA Version)
  • Tinhead (Genesis - NA Version)
  • Sword of Sodan (Genesis - NA Version)
  • Brave Battle Saga – Legend of the Magic Warrior (Genesis - NA Version)
  • Water Margin – A Tale of Clouds and Wind (Genesis - NA Version)