You don't know it yet, but while the Polymega Base Unit, CD compatibility, modules, and more have got everyone really excited for launch -- our RC-Series Retro Controllers have been a sleeper hit with everyone who have received early units. Even better, the standalone retail boxed versions are now in stock and available for immediate shipment!

All RC-Series controllers work with the original consoles, so even if you don't have your Polymega yet, you can start playing with them right away using your original consoles and see what we mean.

Key Features (all):

  • 8 Ft. Braided Cord with Cord Wrap
  • Ergonomic Weighting and Design
  • Original Console Compatible
  • Polymega Compatible Home Button

RC01 Power Retro Controller

Small form factor with innovative button positioning and ergonomics.

This controller is the holy grail of NES controllers. Weighted and perfectly balanced, it feels great in the hand and nails the button positioning so that you don't have to contort your right arm or hand to do the "Mario Roll" maneuver -- whereby you can run fast by holding B, while also being able to "roll" your right thumb on to the A button to jump. Since the buttons are positioned ergonomically from the start based on the natural position of your hands at rest, you can play comfortably while performing the same maneuver across the many games that employed this control scheme in the 8-bit era.

View RC01 Power Retro Controller

RC02 Super Retro Controller

An excellent upgrade from a standard SNES controller.

Our interpretation of the classic SNES controller will feel very familiar to aficionados of the original, which is probably one of the most ubiquitous video game controllers ever created. While the styling is uniquely Polymega, the ergonomic benefits of our controller lie in the subtleties of the design at the rear of the controller, which features 2 dome-shaped grips with precise weighting, making it immediately feel more comfortable in the hand, and higher quality over the original and other clone controllers.

View RC02 Super Retro Controller

RC03 Mega Retro Controller

More comfort for larger hands with snappy response.

If you desire to have a lighter feeling controller that's larger in the hand, but feels nimble, then you'll want to try our RC03 Mega Retro Controller. Instead of the flat-back shape of the traditional 6-button Genesis / Mega Drive controllers, this controller has a curvature to its design that will make it easier for your hands to sit at rest while gripping the controller for long periods of time. It also has the shortest button throw of all of our controllers, making it feel highly "mashable" when you test your might.

View RC03 Mega Retro Controller

RC04 Turbo Retro Controller

A vastly improved version of NEC's Avenue Pad 6.

RC04 sits atop a pile of NEC-released controllers from the 1990's that had features specific to unique games, but fail to encapsulate the entire NEC PC-Engine / TurboGrafx-16 experience in any one controller. For example, NEC released a 3 button controller specifically for use with Forgotten Worlds so that you could rotate left or right without having to reach across the controller to the start button to rotate left. Or a 6 button controller for use with Street Fighter II' CE (which didn't work so great with Forgotten Worlds). These controllers also had notoriously short cords.

Enter the RC04 Turbo Retro Controller! On its surface it looks like a standard Avenue Pad 6 replacement, including all the core features like turbo fire switches for buttons I and II. But it has a secret: When in 2 button mode, not only does I and II function like its supposed to (turbo fire and all), we've also designed RC04 so that buttons III and IV now become Start and Select, respectively. This means you can play Forgotten Worlds without having to reach your right thumb all the way over to the start button to rotate to the left, and instead you can just press button III to rotate left, which feels much more natural. It's also great for playing other games like the Super CD-ROM2 game Valis IV, where the start and select buttons are used for gameplay purposes such as sliding and swapping characters. 

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