If you pre-ordered in the USA at, please cancel your order and re-order at

Use Discount Code WALMART50 for a $50 discount off of the list price.

Backstory -- seemed to have gone through a personnel change sometime in Q3-Q4 of last year, and since then they have stopped responding to our emails and phone calls, despite repeated attempts to contact them regarding fulfillment of the North American pre-orders. We gave our contacts at and their distributor Solutions2Go ample time to respond and rectify the situation, but they've left us with no response, despite even threats of legal action due to the significant issues this has caused us all.

So, we're taking matters into our own hands now. Since we have no visibility into who or how many people have ordered Polymega Consoles or Accessories from,  please let your friends know to change their preorders over to our website, and we will fulfill them directly to them as soon as possible. We will provide a precise timeline once we know exactly how many are ordered, but they will likely be fulfilled in April-May 2021 given the ballpark numbers we did get before Walmart went dark on us.

We will leave the WALMART50 discount code up for 60 days to allow everyone time to receive refunds from

Also, we will begin shipping 2018-2019 preorders starting late February for those who previously ordered on

If you have questions about this, please contact or use our contact form.

Thank you!