Introducing Polymega App

We've been secretly working on this for well over a year and we're very excited to finally share with you the latest addition to the Polymega family -- Polymega App! This is the intuitive Polymega console experience, soon to be available as a free downloadable app that you can use on all of your devices. Share your collection, game states, installs, and more to the Cloud and never lose your progress ever again. 

Using any standard disc drive, you can use Polymega App to play, install, and manage legacy games from physical media on your device. Unlike everyone else, Polymega App has no emulator downloads, ROMs, BIOS files, or other configuration required. It just works, and it's 100% free to use.

Polymega App supports most controllers for systems you might already have, such as a PS4, PS5, or Xbox. No controller mapping necessary. It also supports all of the retro controllers Polymega supports, or, try our new 2nd Generation Polymega Universal Wireless Controller. It features all the functionality of our original Universal Wireless Controller, but now features a lower latency 2.4Ghz connection, improved battery life, and compatibility with Android for cross-platform use with Polymega App on other devices. New Polymega deliveries in 2023 will all include this improved controller.

We know that many new computers do not include disc drives, and they certainly don't have cartridge ports! Polymega® Remix is the latest member of the Polymega hardware family, and with it you can play CD and Cartridge games on your PC and other devices using Polymega App! It looks and works just like Polymega, except it connects via USB to your device, and you use Polymega App to control it -- simple as that! It's compatible with the full suite of Polymega Element Module Sets, and starts at just $149 USD. More details coming soon.

Unlock Cheat Codes, Virtual Display, Patching, Audio Player, and many other premium features with a Polymega XL Subscription. Plus, you'll get Cloud access to your games so you can share your collection on multiple devices, compete online against friends, stream games to your mobile devices, and much more. More details about Polymega XL tiers, features, and plans for future compatibility will be provided in the coming weeks.

All customers who have made purchases from our website will gain access to Polymega App's Closed Beta Test (Windows 10+ required). Additionally, every customer with an outstanding Polymega Base Unit order made prior to December 31st, 2022 will be provided a FREE year of Polymega XL.

For customers who purchased Base Unit or Deluxe Bundle prior to December 31st, 2022:

  • Access to Polymega App Closed Beta (target launch March '23).
  • Exclusive access to Polymega XL-enhanced features during Beta Test Period.
  • 1 Year Free upgrade to premium Polymega XL tier starting from the close of the Beta Test so you can share your collection and games to your Polymega system upon delivery.
For customers with any other order via
  • Access to Polymega App Closed Beta (target launch March '23)
  • Free Tier functionality until release.
Note: You will log in to Polymega App using your website credentials, which will validate that you have an order for a Polymega product.

We'll provide more details about Polymega App, PXL, and the upcoming Beta test right here on in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more info! We're excited for everyone to finally get a taste of the Polymega experience!