Ultra Pre-Order Now Available

Hi Everyone,

The moment you've been waiting for has arrived! We recently completed hardware development of the Polymega EM05 Ultra Module Set and the product is now in mass production, and scheduled to ship this spring!


In celebration, we're opening up pre-orders for this brand new module, which will allow you to play the vast majority of your N64 game collection on your Polymega region-free! Quantities are limited on both items, so if you want to be the first 00-agent among your friends to plant a proximity mine in The Facility bathroom, click the pre-order button without delay!

Element Module Set EM05 features compatibility with around 90% of N64 games, and as per usual, we plan to continue to improve game and peripheral compatibility into the future. A full compatibility list will be provided in the coming weeks as well as additional details regarding its underlying tech and capabilities. Ultra Module EM05 is also compatible with Memory Paks, Rumble Paks, and the N64 Expansion Pak is automatically enabled, allowing for enhanced visuals on select games.

We're excited to be shipping our first post-launch module early in 2023, and have so many new announcements to talk about in the new year including some long-awaited shipment updates, news about our digital store, and much more!