System Update v1.1.30 is now available. Please use the System Update button in the Settings Menu to get the latest version. Please note that you can find the content of previous System Software Updates in the changelog.

Note: System Update v1.1.31 is now included with this release, and provides stability fixes for 1.1.30. If you experience an extended black screen after downloading the update, please do not power off or restart your system. The duration of the black screen will correspond to the number of save states on your console.

Important: Customers with TV's that have native resolutions lower than 1080p may experience an extended blackout on screen while Polymega restarts after downloading and applying the various updates. Please do not power off the system during this time. Also, if you have already received an EM05 Ultra Element Module Set in the mail, please do not insert it until after the v1.1.30 update has been installed.

New Features:

  • EM05 Ultra Element Module Support - The wait is over. Real Ultra Gaming arrives TODAY on Polymega, the first modern device in history that lets you play your entire N64 Game collection in High Definition natively, without the need for an original N64 console. Featuring nearly 100% Game Pak and N64 Accessory Pak compatibility, anti-aliasing, and more. For detailed operation instructions, please see the Quick Start Guide here: English, Japanese.
  • Collected Game Filter - Added New "Collected" Filter inside of Collection views, so you can see what games your missing from your game Collection. Games not in your Collection are darkened, and games which are in your collection are fully visible.
  • Game Refresh Rate Control - Added new ability to force NTSC/PAL Refresh Rate regardless of game region (for most systems). Now, European players can play PAL games at NTSC speed (60hz), similar to North American and Japanese games. This setting can be found in the in game menu at Video > Refresh Rate Style.
  • Screen Rotation Option in Virtual Display - Now you can play games  in vertical orientation (aka; Tate mode) if you have a display which can rotate. Perfect for shooters and other Arcade games forthcoming on the Polymega Game Shop.
  • Adjustable Game Speed Option - Grind through RPGs and unskippable cinematics faster with 2x Speed Mode (for most systems). To enable, set to "Normal" or "Fast" in the In-Game Menu, or you can press and hold the SELECT button on your controller during gameplay to enable the 2x speed mode on the fly. Releasing the SELECT button returns the game to normal speed.
  • USB DAC Support - You can now use USB DACs (Digital-to-Analog Converters) to enjoy high fidelity audio on Polymega out the front USB port. Enjoy crystal clear sound from all of the systems Polymega supports including 32x, Sega Saturn, PS1, Neo Geo CD, N64, and more with unmatched clarity.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where HD packs weren't selectable in patch browser.
  • Updated game information in the game database for numerous games.