Note: A hotfix has been deployed that increments the version number of this update to v1.1.19

System Update v1.1.18 is now available. Please use the System Update button in the System settings to get the latest version. Please note that you can find the content of previous System Software Updates in the changelog.

  • Added Extended Set installation support for Disc and Cartridge games which are not in Polymega's Database. You can add custom game names and thumbnails for each game. There is an option in Database Settings screen to use large, textless thumbnails if desired.
  • Added support for transferring game installs between storage media. Use the "Change Install Location" button when browsing games on devices via the Storage Settings screen.
  • Added GB LCD and VB LCD virtual display modes.
  • Added MSU-1 Audio Normalization option. You can enable it in the Audio Settings. Note: MSU-1 patched games can take a little longer to load when you have this option enabled.
  • Fixed issue where some installed CD games would refuse to load without the disc inserted.
  • Fixed issue with some MSU-1 patches failing to load.
  • Fix for Street Fighter Alpha/Zero 2 not running properly. (Super Famicom/Super Nintendo)
  • Fix for Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei (Famicom) not being recognized or installable.
  • Fix for Gimmick! not being recognized or installable (Famicom)
  • Fix for recognizing and installing Crisis Force (Famicom)
  • Fix issue where sometimes xdelta patches could slightly corrupt patched game data resulting in graphical glitches and in some cases failure to run.
  • Polymega defaults to 60Hz on startup now instead of 120Hz.
  • Polymega now properly save screenshots at the correct dimensions when saving to external media.